Power Tips: 5 Ways Gearboxes Can Save You Money

Looking for ways to free up your capital expenditures? Here are 5 tips for cost savings when selecting and purchasing gear reducers, as discussed in the latest episode of STOBER’s Power Tips:

1. Reduce your inventory. Investing in a reliable gear reducer means that you don’t have to worry about keeping a large amount of storeroom components on hand.

2. Invest in an efficient product. With energy-efficient helical bevel reducers, you can save up to thousands of dollars per year on electrical power consumption.

3. Be attentive to oil. Refilling, buying, and discarding oil costs money that can add up quickly, especially if you have multiple line locations. By purchasing a factory filled, no maintenance gear reducer that is lubed for life, you can avoid these expenses.

4. Avoid labor expenses. When selecting a gear reducer manufacturer, look for any installation fees that might apply. Some manufacturers, including STOBER, will assist with installation free of charge.

5. Eliminate the worry of emergency breakdowns. Downtimes are a huge obstacle and can cost thousands of dollars a minute. Avoid the hassle by purchasing a product that is durable and built to last in your specific environment.

Our Documented Cost Savings Program allows us to demonstrate the substantial amount of money you can save by using STOBER’s highly reliable and efficient helical solutions. To learn more, check out our free download.

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