Power Tips: 5 Advantages of a Geared Motor

STOBER servo geared motors offer a highly adaptable solution that can improve your machine design and save you money. Let’s break down the top 5 advantages of using a STOBER geared motor.

1. Adaptability – Our geared motors are available in a variety of styles, ensuring we can solve any and every need you have.

2. Compact – Experience the most compact solution on the market. Even a few millimeters in length can make a huge difference!

3. Packaged unit – With STOBER, you get one vendor, one part number, fast delivery, and superior service.

4. More dynamic – A servo geared motor from STOBER will improve your machine performance and life expectancy due to higher torque density, less inertia, and less heat generated.

5. Runs cool – Our servo geared motors run cooler than competitors’ motors, eliminating burn potential.

Want to learn more? Check out our Power Tips episode and download our free guide today!

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