New ME Adapter for STOBER’s SMS Units

Beginning February 1, 2020, STOBER’s SMS units will use a ME input, which can accept larger motor shaft diameters without upsizing. This change will affect our C, F, K, PK, PHK, and PHQK series gearboxes.

Previously, our SMS units have been assembled with MT inputs. So, why is this change being implemented? Put simply, the ME input offers greater benefits for our customers.

There are many advantages of using ME adapters. For example, they allow for higher torques. Compared to other input options, the ME can provide up to a 116% increase in nominal torques. They also allow for higher input speeds with up to a 1,000 RPM increase in cyclic. Additionally, the square coupling housing can be closely mounted to the machine, thus making it compact and saving space. Because there are more coupling options available, these adapters also offer lower input inertia. Finally, the input has a clamp ring with a roll pin, which means users will experience easier motor assembly and disassembly.

At STOBER, we are continuously looking for new ways to improve the efficiency of our gearboxes and better meet our customers’ needs. No matter your application requirements, we have a solution for you. Contact us today at 1-800-711-3588 for more information.

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