How to Make a Better Solution with a STOBER Geared Motor

When you buy from STOBER, you get more than just a product. Not only do you get improved machine performance, but you also receive superior service, aftermarket support, and so much more.

Our geared motors allow you to eliminate the extra. Say goodbye to extra components and hello to improved reliability and energy savings! By eliminating components, less power is required to move the load, allowing for smoother motion. Having fewer wear components also means there are less areas for failure. With a geared motor from STOBER, you can also reduce human error and the need for machine maintenance. Improper installation is a common cause of machine error and premature failure. Fortunately, our motors don’t require installation, so you can eliminate these worries!

The STOBER experience goes beyond the product. With us, you get the power of one—one vendor to work with on your project, one part number to order, and one supplier for all your gearbox and motor needs. Plus, you have the flexibility to choose your controller manufacturer.

If you need assistance after the purchase, our Service team is here to help. We offer superior aftermarket support, including full component troubleshooting for brakes, encoders, bearings, and seals. We can also perform basic repairs and build replacement motors. Our parts and workmanship get an additional 1-year warranty.

Improve your machine performance and make a better solution with a STOBER geared motor. Our team is ready to assist you along the way, from design to purchase and beyond. Contact us today!

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