How to Improve Accuracy and Performance for Machine Tool

Accuracy, stiffness, and life are all important in machine tool design. With STOBER, you can successfully accomplish all three! We understand that it can be difficult to design high performing machines while competing with low cost alternatives. With an underperforming machine, you might struggle with total lost motion and even poor finish quality.

STOBER has the knowledge and products to solve any machine tool application, including horizontal and vertical mills, laser cutting, grinding, bending, and everything in between. We can help you extend your machine’s life with minimal lost motion. Our planetary solutions are ideal for accurate positioning at very high speeds and offer a low backlash option. Our servo motors and servo geared motors are compact with extreme torque density, and our rack and pinion solutions offer options for high force or high speed.

We have the highest quality gearing in the world. Contact our team today at or call (888) 786 2371to see how we can help you achieve a significantly longer machine life with better performance.

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