How STOBER Can Reduce Downtime in Food Production Plants

For food plants, the goal is to have continuous operation with limited maintenance and zero downtime. Often, when problems arise, entire production lines come to a halt. Food production is a harsh environment which requires highly durable gearboxes that can handle rigid washdowns. When gearboxes fail, time is money as you wait for maintenance to fix or replace the unit. Downtime is one of the most common challenges faced in the food industry, with the annual downtime for food production being over 10 weeks a year, according to the Harting Technology Group. That’s a lot of lost time and money.

Fortunately, STOBER can help! We have the answer to eliminate premature failure and costly downtime. With our helical, planetary, and geared motor solutions, we can accommodate any application, from augers to conveyors to grinders and everything in between. We offer stainless steel housings, ideal for the harshest washdown environments, as well as painted units with a durable food duty coating, ideal for severely wet applications. Our products are IP69K Certified, require no maintenance, and are designed to withstand demanding environments like yours.

Don’t let gearboxes stop your production any longer. STOBER has a solution for you! Contact our team today at or call (888) 786 2371. We will be there for you every step of the way.

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