How Much Money Can You Save with STOBER?

Are you overpaying for an under-performing gearbox? Make the switch to STOBER! With a durable, 97% energy efficient gear unit from STOBER, you can get proven savings through reduced inventory, prevented downtime, labor reassignment, oil reduction, and increased efficiencies. We can also provide savings on labor and eliminated downtime, as well as through our Motor Adapter Replacement Program and our KSS Renewal Program.

Even though the initial investment is higher with STOBER, you will save thousands of dollars year-over-year compared to using a competitor gearbox. Our units have a longer life, with an average mean time to failure of 9.1 years in a 24/7 harsh washdown environment. In addition, our products require no maintenance and have no leaks. All of this equates to the lowest cost of ownership on the market!

Find out how much you can save by using a STOBER product! We have been saving our customers money since 1999. Our Documented Cost Savings Program allows us to demonstrate the substantial amount of money you can save by using STOBER’s highly reliable and efficient helical solutions. Our team can give you estimated savings based on industry standard defaults, or you can provide your exact application information and we can calculate savings based on your specific plant and gearbox. Contact us today and ask how we can save you money!

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