How Can STOBER Save Money for Beverage Plants?

How much is downtime costing you? According to the Harting Technology Group, the annual downtime for beverage production is over 10 weeks a year. That quickly adds up to lost time and money. Water ingress is another struggle in the beverage industry, as many motors have weep holes which allow water to leak into the unit. Water ingress is a common cause of gearbox failure that can easily be prevented.

STOBER can help you overcome all these challenges. We have been optimizing beverage plants since 1997. We’ve seen it all and have experience optimizing a variety of applications, including cleaning, palletizing, labeling, conveying, and so much more. Our helical, planetary, and geared motor solutions can withstand the harshest washdown environments that are typical in beverage plants. A corrosion resistant package is even available for our helical gear units. Plus, our design allows for easy removal of the gearbox for replacing motors, along with no maintenance and no leaks. All of this adds up to the least expensive gearbox you’ll ever own.

Our dedicated team can evaluate your application and determine a solution that will eliminate downtime and stop premature failure, all while saving you a significant amount of money. Contact us today at or call (888) 786 2371and ask what we can do for you!

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