How Can STOBER Help You Design a Better Machine?

Finding a product that can handle stiffness and accuracy is difficult. Even if you do find a gearbox that fits those requirements, does it leak oil? A gearbox leaking oil is a very common challenge that many of our customers have experienced when using competitor gearboxes. Leaking gearboxes can be disastrous and result in a lot of lost time and money.

One customer that faced this issue was designing a machine to lay carbon fiber. The gearbox they were using was leaking oil, costing them thousands of dollars in time and material loss. They came to STOBER with the problem and our team was able to quickly build and ship a much better solution—one of our P Series planetary gearboxes. Not only did it not leak oil, but it was able to provide the stiffness and accuracy the customer needed to improve their machine design. More stiffness can also result in a much better finish quality.

Other STOBER solutions for machine tool applications include servo motors, servo geared motors, and rack and pinion drives. No matter your application, we have a perfect solution for you!

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