Happy Retirement to a STOBER Employee of 26 Years!

Bev Eubanks has been an employee at STOBER since February 1994. Her journey at STOBER began when she was in college studying Management Information Systems. It was her final semester, and she was looking for a job when she heard about an opening for a receptionist at STOBER. She knew that STOBER was a small, family-oriented business, so she applied without hesitation and landed the job. At the time, there were only 8 people working at our newly opened facility in Maysville, Kentucky.

Bev is very versatile and has worked in many areas over the years. Within a year of her hire, Bev took a new position in sales. When needed, she also helped pick parts and ship orders in the warehouse, and she even filled a temporary position in our Accounting department. Eventually, she made her way to the Materials department, where she has worked in purchasing for the last seven years. A major part of her position involves ordering and tracking inventory and other supplies, which is vital to ensure we have the parts needed to assemble our gearboxes and motors.

After 26 years, Bev’s chapter at STOBER is coming to an end as her retirement is upon us. When asked why she has stayed at STOBER for so long, Bev responded, “It’s a wonderful, family-oriented place to work. The owners are awesome! When Mr. and Mrs. Stöber come to visit, they always ask about my family and they know my husband’s name and my son’s name!”

Upon retirement, Bev plans to spend quality time with her husband and grandchildren. She said that more than anything, she will miss the people at STOBER; but no matter what, she will always be a part of the STOBER family.

Bev’s final words: “Thank you to everyone I’ve worked with. It has been a pleasure and I will miss each and every one of you!”

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