Get Peak Performance with STOBER’s Gen 3 Planetary Units

STOBER’s new Generation 3 Planetary series is the next revolution in planetary technology, with several new and improved features and options to give your machine peak performance.

Some of the new options include reduced backlash for more precision. Our gear hardening ensures smoothness of motion and minimizes velocity ripple. Our PH series unit now has an option for a reinforced bearing, which improves axial and radial load capacity up to 35% and 40% respectively. You can also increase your gearbox’s life by upgrading to our MSS1 long life seal. Plus, add a geared motor or rack and pinion to complete your solution!

If your space is limited, we have you covered. Our Generation 3 Planetary units are now up to 9% shorter than Generation 2. Add a geared motor with a Generation 3 Planetary unit for the shortest solution on the market! Plus, this new series offers major upgrades with up to a 67% increase in torque, 50% increase in stiffness, and 45% increase in input speeds compared to Generation 2.

Upgrade to STOBER’s Generation 3 Planetary gear units—the next revolution in planetary technology. Delivery times are the same great lead times as Generation 2, with units built and shipped from our Maysville, KY facility in just 1 business day. Our superior application support team is available 24/7 and ready to support you. Contact us today!

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