Farewell to STOBER’s Most Tenured Employee

Earl Bennington first stepped through our doors in Maysville, Kentucky in 1992 when STOBER began operating in the American market. He was going around town searching for job, stopped by STOBER, handed in his resume and hoped for the best. Shortly after, he was hired.

When Earl received the news, he was very happy. “I found a job that I thought I would like and it was a good fit for both of us,” he stated. Earl began his job on September 14, 1992. At the time, STOBER had only 8 employees.

27 years later, Earl still remains at STOBER and plans to retire this month. He has fulfilled positions in areas across Picking, Receiving, and Shipping. So, what has made him stay employed at STOBER for all of these years? Simply put in Earl’s words, “I enjoy my job and it’s a good place to work.” Earl says that he likes every part of his job, but the one thing he will miss the most is the people.

As far as his plans for after retirement, Earl is going to enjoy his time off work and see how things go. He might try to find a part-time job that allows him to work a few days a week.

Earl Bennington is the epitome of what it means to be a part of the STOBER family. He has worn many hats throughout his time with us and he has truly impacted STOBER for the better. Please join us in saying farewell and wishing him the best.

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