10 Reasons Why STOBER Loves Spring

What makes the spring season so special? Here are the top 10 reasons why STOBER loves spring:

1. Warmer weather means our employees can go outside on their breaks. Some opt to play a quick round of basketball while others walk on the track around our campus—and sometimes our office dog, Lily, even joins!

2. Our Maysville, Kentucky landscape becomes even more beautiful as the season changes. The flowers around our buildings start blooming and create a warm welcome as you walk up to our entrance.

3. Gerhardt Gearhead, our mascot, gets to go on more adventures! He loves traveling and exploring new places.

4. Spring graduation is right around the corner for some of our apprentices. As an apprentice, students work 30 hours and have all school expenses paid by STOBER. We love celebrating our apprentices as they finish their degrees and work towards their goals.

5. Generally, everyone is much happier and more positive when the sun is shining. Did you know it’s proven that exposure to sunlight can improve your mood?

6. We pay honor to our dedicated employees with an Employee Appreciation Week!

7. The birds migrate back north, and we can hear them chirping outside our windows.

8. Many of our employees start planning their well-deserved summer vacations. As a family-first company, we want our employees to enjoy their time off with their loved ones.

9. We can spend time outdoors with our wonderful planet on Earth Day.

10. It’s the season for celebrating our incorporation! STOBER was incorporated on March 25, 1991. Since then, the company has become an international organization with offices in 11 countries.

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