Washdown Gearboxes for the Food Industry

“The annual downtime for food and beverage production lines is over 10 weeks a year.” – Harting

STOBER gearboxes are IP69K certified and USDA Accepted Equipment. With an average mean time to failure of 9.1 years and a 3-year warranty, our gearboxes can handle the harshest environment.

STOBER provides unsurpassed solutions for processed and ready-to-eat foods and is able to withstand the toughest cleaning regiments, including IP69K.

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- Conveying
- Mixing
- Cutting
- Screw Conveyors
- Processing
- Pump

Food Industry Segments
- Fruits
- Vegetables
- Meat
- Poultry
- Dairy
- Baking
- Snack Foods

Inline and Offset Gearheads
P PA Series
C Series
F Series

Hollow and Right-Angle Gearheads
K Series
KL Series
KSS Series
PK Series
PKX Series

MGS™ – Modular Gear System Speed Reducers
K Series
C Series
F Series
KL Series
KSS Series
PSS Series

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