Are your gearboxes failing because of high temperatures? “High temperatures are a concern for any gearbox running at least 60% of the time at speeds over 3,000 RPM.” Machine Design

Printing and converting machines need to be able to run at fast continuous speeds. However, many gearboxes are not able to handle these faster speeds, causing the gearbox to overheat and fail. STOBER gearboxes are capable of handling high continuous speeds without overheating. All gears are heat treated for tooth hardening, preventing cracks because of excessive heat. Our bellows coupling compensate for thermal growth and avoid misalignment of the motor shaft and coupling.

Our engineering expertise is ideal for calibration on converting applications. These applications require high continuous linear speeds in high ambient environments. STOBER has several products that focus on print registration at high speeds. Options include: ATEX explosion proof for alcohol based inks and large hollow bores to allow water and air to pass through the motor for chill, impress rolls.

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- Cutting
- Tension Control
- Web Lines
- Winding
- Paper Converting
- Woven Products
- 3D Printing
- Electronics Printing
- Labels
- Flexographic
- Circuit Boards
- Sheet

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