Automation Gearboxes, Servo Motors, and Rack & Pinion Systems

"76% of manufacturers plan to automate part of their production by 2018. Where do you start?"

Do you need to automate more of your processes? Are your machines capable of meeting new demands? Talk to our application engineering team and find out what products work for your machines. STOBER can customize a solution to fit your requirements, from outputs to housings to much more. Your one off machine is no problem for us.

STOBER’s numerous product configurations are ideal for automating your process.

Contact us today to learn more!


- Assembly Turn Tables
- Linear Press
- Robotics Auxiliary Axis
- Palletizing
- Automated Assembly
- Custom Assembly Machines
- Radar
- Pipe and Wire Bending

Inline and Offset Gearheads
P PA Series
PH PHA Series
PE Series

Hollow and Right-Angle Gearheads
K Series
KS Series
PKX Series

Servo Motors
EZ Series
EZHD Series
EZM Series
EZS Series

Rack and Pinion Systems
ZR Series
ZTR Series
ZTRS Series
ZV Series

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