Aerospace Gearboxes & Aircraft Servo Motors

"One drop of oil can ruin $3 million worth of carbon fiber."

Gearboxes leaking oil onto carbon fiber fuselage is a costly mistake. Your company can be losing millions on waste. STOBER gearboxes don’t leak oil. Trust our products on your tape laying and gantry machines.

STOBER has an engineered system solution for your aerospace needs. Our gearboxes, rack and pinion systems, and motors can be combined to provide the ultimate fit for your application.

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- Fuselage
- Wing assembly
- Drilling and Riveting
- Machine Tool
- Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
- Carbon Fiber Placement
- Testing and Inspection
- Space Tracking Systems

Inline and Offset Gearheads
P PA Series
PH PHA Series

Hollow and Right-Angle Gearheads
KS Series

Servo Motors
EZ Series
EZHD Series
EZM Series
EZS Series

Servo Gearmotors
PH Series

Rack and Pinion Systems
ZTR Series
ZTRS Series
ZV Series

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