Customer Testimonials & Success Stories

Hear from Big Ass Solutions why they only use STOBER gearboxes in all their industrial fans.


Aplix Inc

Brian Pittman - Maintenance Supervisor
Aplix Inc, a manufacturer of diaper fasteners, contacted STOBER the weekend of January 13. They had a machine broken down and needed a solution fast! Our emergency support was ready to help them get back up and running. The team built a custom servo gearhead and arranged to have it delivered just a few hours later. Brian was absolutely thrilled with not only our emergency support but also with our fast delivery.


Machine Tool Research

Steve Nelson - Design Engineer
"We’ve used STOBER for years to rebuild equipment such as lathes and milling machines for machine tool customers. Every job is project-based, and requirements are always different, but STOBER is the perfect match for our gearbox requirements. Its SMS series allows us to choose from a large range of ratios, mounting configurations, housing options, and more. STOBER’s responsiveness is also a key plus. STOBER employees build and ship units in one day and give us quick answers on requests. I can’t think of a better way to meet customer needs."


Carolina Motion Control

Patrick McLees - STOBER Distributor
Patrick had a customer, Spartanburg Steel Products, in a breakdown situation over the Thanksgiving holiday. They had a roll-feeder application where a unit had failed. STOBER was expanding to our second facility. Operations were shut down for the holiday, and all the parts were scattered around the new facility. Patrick McLees contacted STOBER because he needed the part quickly. He knew STOBER would be willing to respond and would have quick delivery. He was correct; as STOBER had the part built and turned around in a few hours. The warranty offered by STOBER Drives is unsurpassed.

Biosafe Engineering
Kevin Bacon - Mechanical engineer
"Our company had been using hydraulics for years. When we decided to go to an electric system, we reached out to multiple companies on the internet and STOBER was the one that was most engaging and willing to help us determine the correct gearbox part number and supply the drawings as well."

Large Baking Plant
Nicholas Richardson - Maintenance/Engineering
"Our original gear box on one of our processing lines failed often and prematurely due to overheating; actually boiling the oil inside. These gearboxes would cause downtime/stops on our line fairly often. After repairing oil leaks, fan kits and adding a water-cooled line to keep the gearbox cool we made the decision to invest in a STOBER gearbox. To this date, this gearbox has not had an issue since it was installed in 2016."

Andrew - Account Manager
"I appreciate all you have been able to do for us over the past couple weeks. The level of customer service and the performance of the after-hours team at STOBER has no equal in this industry. I want to extend my gratitude and a very warm thank you for helping me and my customers."

Customer Success Story

A large beef processor in the mid-west contacted STOBER with a breakdown situation. Their overhead chain drive had a competitor’s gearbox that failed, causing the company to lose thousands of dollars a minute. The request for a crossover came in at 12:15PM on a Friday.
STOBER inside sales crossed the competitive unit over to a STOBER unit and provided a quote by 12:55PM. The customer sent a PO and the order was entered by 1:40PM. Production got this unit built and out the door same day. The unit was picked up and driven to the customer. It was about 16 hours from Maysville, Kentucky facility to the processor. The unit arrived at the customer by 1PM Saturday. The customer was able to get back up and running.
Quoted, ordered, built, and at the customer’s door within 25 hours!