STOBER Drives Inc.

In 1934, the Stöber brothers founded a small shop in Pforzheim, Germany that made machines and repaired engines. Today, STOBER is an international organization with offices in eleven countries. This 80 year heritage has given us expertise in gearing that makes STOBER the “gold standard.” STOBER products are of the highest quality and use only the best components.

Why is STOBER considered the industry Gold Standard? With over 80 years in gearing experience and over 30 years in motors, STOBER has the knowledge and expertise to create the best gearboxes and motors in the industry. Our products are backed with superior service, outstanding quality, and the STOBER guarantee.

STOBER servo solutions range from planetary gearheads to helical bevel gearboxes to hollow bore motors to rack and pinion solutions. This diverse offering means we have a solution that will meet your needs. Our compact helical bevel reducers allow you to use your current machine setup. If you need a completely engineering system, let our product support team help you size your gearbox.

Our gear reducers for NEMA motors are ready to handle tough environments. An average mean time to failure of 8 years and a standard 3 year warranty means you can trust a STOBER gearbox to stand up in harsh conditions. STOBER gearboxes are lubed for life and don’t leak oil. No maintenance. No downtime. Not only will you save money on downtime and maintenance, our gearboxes are up to 97% efficient, therefore reducing your energy costs.



STOBER Drives will be recognized as the gold standard.


STOBER Drives provides the most reliable drive solutions for demanding applications in the shortest lead-time. We offer unsurpassed:

• Solution Designs that build quality around every requirement
• Product Durability that enhances the reliability and life of every application
• Service Support that is empowered to meet and exceed client expectations


STOBER Drives is passionate about being the best so that we can serve the client with uncompromising excellence. We are geared to a higher standard in:

• Seeking the best
• Operating with integrity
• Serving others
• Growth through learning

Solution Design:

The design of a STOBER drive begins with the end in mind. STOBER drives benefits from over 75 years of German engineering and expert assembly experience, with extensive and on-going training for all assemblers. Every part in a STOBER drive is inspected and tested before assembly, and every drive that comes off our line is tested before it is shipped. A STOBER solution has a great deal of flexibility for various mounting configurations and output options. We have numerous ratios available, and application specific configurations for a variety of client needs. Contact a STOBER sales representative for more information on how our solutions can impact your drive designs.


Product Durability:

Durability might sound like a sales term to some. At STOBER, it’s our trademark. With an industry leading warranty, you can trust a STOBER drive to deliver steady performance year after year. Our patented motion control motor coupling allows thermal expansion of the motor shaft, ensuring a longer motor life by preventing thrust load on the motor bearings. Every gear in a STOBER drive is supported by dual bearings, which prevent misalignment and disproportionate torque on the shaft. Stainless steel oil plugs also come standard, as do magnetic drain plugs that pull normal metal particles out of the oil to protect the bearings. Reliability, adaptability, and maintainability are our focus at STOBER!


We ship in one day! This isn't the result of a pre-assembled gearbox either. A majority of our products are picked, assembled, painted, and shipped in one day. Not only does this mean your solution arrives quickly but you can reduce your inventory count. Instead of stocking enough products for months, you can use just in time inventory.

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