Upgrade your OEM equipment with STOBER

Asset reliability means you can depend on a STOBER gear reducer for years, which increases profits and surpasses plant efficiency targets.

New STOBER stabilizer bracket simplifies installation

If you’re tired of repeatedly replacing the same failing gearbox, STOBER has a new solution for you!

Apprenticeships post-COVID – more relevant than ever

With ever-increasing shortages in skilled workers throughout America, it’s more important than ever for businesses to invest in the development of their employees. What better way to fill the talent shortage gap than to implement an apprenticeship program? Read more about how STOBER finds success in offering apprenticeships.

STOBER adds new tools for virtual customer meetings

Many people have come to prefer meeting via Zoom, GoogleMeet, or Microsoft Teams to discuss potential projects, recap progress, or follow up on future plans.  STOBER decided to offer an easy, convenient way for customers to set up virtual meetings to make communication easier and more effective in the digital world. 

Top three considerations for global machine support

When your company supplies machines all around the globe, it’s important to find a supplier of mechatronic products that works in a variety of markets and fulfills a variety of applications. From the simplest to the harshest application, getting worldwide support can be difficult. Be sure to consider these three things when seeking a global mechatronics partner.

STOBER Drives approved for incentive funding

The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority (KEDFA) preliminarily approved a 15-year incentive agreement with STOBER under the Kentucky Business Investment program.

Top five things to consider when selecting gearbox oil

When making a gearbox purchase decision, oil is a seemingly small detail but can make a huge difference in your gearbox’s life.

STOBER servo gear units optimize operational performance

STOBER gearheads survive in the toughest environments, providing long life under extreme conditions. Their high reliability and durability saves non-productive downtime and cost.

Gearbox inventory costing you millions? STOBER reduces need for costly storerooms

Many plants have $1 million of products in the storeroom, plus the cost of time and space to stock, maintain, and manage it. STOBER can help reduce the need for expensive storerooms.

How to Prevent Gearbox Water Ingress

Prevent premature gearbox failure with one simple trick—eliminating water or chemical ingress in your gearbox! Read more to learn how.